The Sister, and More Great Fall Reads


[Fiction] What a strange and disconcerting book, probably perfect for book clubs. Set in England, a lepidopterist and his family (two daughters and a beautiful wife who has a propensity for sherry) live in a crumbling mansion. Mother dies, father dies, sister flees to London and Ginny, the elder, becomes a recluse, living alone among the moldering trays of moths and butterflies. When Vivi returns after 50 years, stories are revealed from different perspectives. To me it seems as if the author verbally breaks a string of pearls and they scatter in a million directions. Unfortunately these pearls are not tidily gathered up, but remain lurking in the corners leaving the reader with many unanswered questions– I guess this is what is so intriguing and unsettling about this book. You will find it an interesting and provocative book that repels and yet attracts the reader. -The Reference Librarians

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