Private Study Room

Need a quiet place to study or to take a Zoom meeting or business call? We’ve got you covered. Our recently refurbished private study room is open for business. For more information, see the guidelines for use,  below, or call our Reference Desk at 203-637-3870.

Guidelines for Use

  • Patrons must be 18 or older.
  • Patrons must be registered users in the library’s patron database. If a patron has a CT library card, he/she/they can be registered in our system and then sign up to use the room. If the patron does not have a library card from a CT library but lives in CT, he/she/they must get one before using the study room. Non-residents should be directed to one of the study tables.
  • 1 patron may use the room for 1 hour; a second hour is allowed if no one is waiting.
  • Max of 2 hours/day, twice a week/patron
  • Registered users may book the room 24 hours in advance by:
  • No food is allowed; beverages must be in covered containers. 
  • Zoom meetings allowed (The room is not soundproof. Please keep your voice at a normal level.)
  • Cell phone calls allowed (The room is not soundproof. Please keep your voice at a normal level.)
  • Proctored students are allowed during test taking. See the Reference Librarian to set this up.
  • No tutors with students; the room has been designated for single-person use.
  • The white board can be used by patrons. Dry erase markers and eraser kept at Reference Desk. Please clean the board before leaving the room.

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