Tony Hillerman, 1925-2008

Author Tony Hillerman died Tuesday at age 83. He is most famous for a series of mystery stories set on the Navajo Reservation. Hillerman captured the essence of the discord between the modern society and the Navajo, or Dineh, world of spirits, nature, and magic. Perrot has a collection of his mysteries and other titles … Read more

F.E. Higgins, Author of The Black Book of Secrets, Visits the Book Clubs

Author F.E. Higgins visited with the Young Critics’ Club and Young Young Critics’ Clubs on Monday, October 20th. Here’s a video clip where Higgins discusses inspiration and combating writer’s block: There are lots more video clips and information on F.E. Higgins books on our website. Take a look!

Halloween at Perrot

Take at a look at Perrot’s Halloween book displays! Some of our selections: Baby Costumes, by Bettine Roynon, has an adorable collection of outfits for baby and toddler costumes. There are 24 ideas in this book, and each one is cuter than the next! We also have a Pumpkin Chic: Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds, … Read more

DVD Diva: Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver has been in over 50 movies (theatrical and TV). She attended the Yale School of Drama in New York. Although Weaver has played a number of critically acclaimed roles in movies, she is best known for her appearances as Warrant Officer/Lieutenant Ellen Ripley in the blockbuster Alien movie franchise. Ghostbusters When ghosts go … Read more

Relive the Olympics

The Olympics are over, but perhaps you missed some of the highlights or would like to see them again. Perrot now has three new non-fiction DVD’s (796.48 BEIJI) that will recapture the excitement of these events: Beijing 2008 Complete Opening Ceremony: A two-volume DVD which will allow you to relive the complete Opening Ceremony or … Read more

Notes from the New Bin

New to Perrot’s Picture Book Collection: SOURPUSS and SWEETIE PIEby Norton Justerillustrated by Chris Raschka Knock, knock~Who’s there?Nanna and Poppy never quite know who is going to show up to visit. Will it be Sourpuss or Sweetie Pie? Their granddaughter can be either. Most of the time she’s kind, polite, respectful and fun. But other … Read more

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