Single Stream Recycling Begins August 1st

Single stream recycling comes to Greenwich on August 1st, 2011! Singe Stream Recycling permits combining an expanded list of household recyclables in one bin. This single weekly collection program replaces blue bin and mixed paper collection.

What type of container is required for Single Stream Recycling?
Choose any large clean bin that best fits your needs. It must have a lid to keep paper from blowing away. Recyclables MUST be loose (recyclables CAN’T be in bags)!

What should I recycle?
It is easier now to define the few items you can’t recycle because there are so many items that you can recycle using single stream recycling. See the List of Recyclables. Place any of your single stream recyclables into your one large container.

What can’t I recycle?
Anything that is not listed on the List of Recyclables for single stream AND/OR is not accepted for recycling at the Holly Hill Facility. Trash and garbage are not recyclable (Definitions of Trash and Garbage). Tissues and plastic wrap (sandwich wrap) are not recyclable. Anything contaminated with food or chemicals are not recyclable.

Who will collect my Single Stream recycling?
Each week, your waste hauler will collect recycling one day and trash on another. He will coordinate with you. The Town will discontinue blue bin and mixed paper pick-ups when Single Stream Recycling begins.

What do residents without a waste hauler do with their recyclables?
Holly Hill will accept household trash and single stream recyclables from residents with a Holly Hill Facility dumping permit sticker or a current year’s beach parking sticker. There is no charge for residential trash or recyclables delivered to the Holly Hill Facility but every vehicle MUST display one of the aforementioned permits.

How will Single Stream impact me or my family?
The town estimates the average household will increase its recycling volume by 4 fold and inversely decrease trash volume. Experiences vary, but citizens in other single stream municipalities have seen their total waste go to 80% recyclables and 20% trash by volume.

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