New Book Recommendations from the Reference Desk

What We’re Reading at Perrot- New Book Recommendations from Our Reference Desk

On Canaan's Side

[Fiction] As the story opens, 89-year-old Lilly Beve sits in the guest cottage of a Bridgehampton estate, desolate after receiving the news that her grandson, Bill, is dead. She has nothing left to live for. Her life is over and lonely. She decides to end it all, but only after going back and looking at what brought her to this place. In Ireland, during “the troubles,” Lilly’s father was identified as an informer with a price on his head. Together they fled to New York and then on to Chicago. The tale unfolds from this hopeful start. How beautifully written this book is. The language is so thick with Irish lyricism that it winds and weaves its way around the reader. Ultimately, we come to a rather surprising ending. Enjoy the fabulous prose and fascinating plot.

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