A fine tribute

From the Greenwich Time, Sunday, February 7, 2010:

To the editor:

I’m writing this letter about the two librarians, Ms. Mac and Mrs. K, who died last year. They were two people very close to me and having them go was very hard. I would just like to have people remember them like the way I did. So I wrote this poem about them and I hope it makes everyone remember how great they were. Their influence will continue on forever.

Never Forget

Two stars shining bright.
Lighting up the darkest night.
Filling minds with hopes and dreams.
They were the greatest team.
Two stars gone no shine at all,
But darkness did not fall.
The hopes and dreams,
Of the greatest team,
Was kept alive.
Their ideas still thrive.
Don’t forget the two stars.
Even through the hurtful scars.
They will be kept near.
They will never be far, no fears.
Just don’t forget all they taught.
Remember how they never fought.
Keep them close at heart.
Even through their rough depart.

Thank you.

-Emily Hunt

The writer is age 12.

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