What We’re Reading at Perrot: Book Recommendations from our Reference Desk

What We’re Reading at Perrot:

Little Black Lies[Fiction] This haunting novel is told by three people: Catrin, Callum and Rachel.  Young children are going missing from a little village located on one of the Falkland Islands. Catrin lost her two young sons in a freak car accident three years ago. The accident took place when Catrin’s best friend, Rachel, left them alone while she ran into her house for just something quick. The car went over the cliff and into the sea in the blink of an eye. Catrin becomes insular. She shuts Rachel out of her life. Ben, her husband, left her and remarried. Callum, a PTSD sufferer as a result of the carnage caused during the Falkland War, still loves her and tries to bring her back to life. In the search for the latest two missing boys, all of their lives change. I thought I had this figured out, but the last paragraph in the book changed everything!  Great book!

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