What Is Obama Reading?

According to the New York Times, the public has become as fascinated by Barack Obama’s reading choices as they were with Oprah’s. His recent favorites are all available at Perrot and have been accorded excellent reviews.

Here are some of Obama’s recent choices:

Team of RivalsTeam of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin illuminates Lincoln’s political genius in this highly original work, as the one-term congressman and prairie lawyer rises from obscurity to prevail over three gifted rivals of national reputation to become president.

FDR, by Jean Edward Smith
This is a portrait painted in broad strokes and fine details. We see how Roosevelt’s restless energy, fierce intellect, personal magnetism, and ability to project effortless grace permitted him to master countless challenges throughout his life.

The Defining MomentThe Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope, by Jonathan Alter
Facing the gravest crisis since the Civil War, instead of becoming the dictator so many thought they needed, FDR used his political instincts and ebullient temperament in the storied first Hundred Days of his presidency to pull off a conjuring act that lifted the country and saved both democracy and capitalism.

Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer, by Fred Kaplan
For Abraham Lincoln, whether he was composing love letters, speeches, or legal arguments, words mattered. Acclaimed biographer Fred Kaplan explores the life of America’s sixteenth president through his use of language as a vehicle both to express complex ideas and feelings and as an instrument of persuasion and empowerment.

-Mary B.

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