Notable Children’s Videos 2008

Perrot’s own Director of Youth Services, Kathy Krasniewicz, was chair of the 2008 American Library Association Notable Videos Committee.

Perrot is lucky enough to have many of of these outstanding videos in its collection– click on each title to view it in the catalog and place a hold:

  • Big Brown Bear Stories: Big Brown Bear and his friend Rat enjoy many adventures in this three-part program based on David McPhail’s popular books. For ages 2-6.
  • Dooby Dooby Moo: Duck steals the show when Farmer Brown’s stable of precocious animals compete in a talent show in this animated version of the book by Doreen Cronin. For ages 3-8.
  • Finding Daddy: A Story of the Great Depression: When the impact of the Great Depression forces her daddy to seek work far from home, Bonnie overcomes her shyness to find a solution that reunites her family. For ages 5-10.
  • Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Andy Warhol: An animated Andy Warhol tells us all about his life in this DVD adapted from the book series by Mike Venezia. For ages 8-14.
  • I Hate English!: Mei Mei moves to New York with her family and hates to speak the new language! She won’t say a word until a new friend shows her how much fun she can have- in English! Based on the book by Ellen Levine. For ages 5-9.
  • John, Paul, George & Ben: This humorous and factual history of five lads who grew up to become Founding Fathers brings the early days of American history to life. Based on the book by Lane Smith and narrated by James Earl Jones. For ages 6-10.
  • Just Yell Fire: Empowering Girls to Protect Themselves: Brutally honest, this gripping instructional video focuses on teaching young girls self-defense; features various attack scenarious and helpful tips on avoiding predators. For ages 11-19.
  • Leonardo, the Terrible Monster: Being a monster doesn’t come naturally to Leonardo. After all his attempts to frighten Sam fail, he decides that being a wonderful friend is better than being a terrible monster. Narrated by the author, Mo Willems. For ages 3-8.
  • The Librarian from the Black Lagoon: Oh no, not a trip to the scary and terrible library, where frightening child-laminating monsters lurk! Based on the book by Mike Thaler. For ages 5-8.
  • Max’s Words: When his brothers won’t share their collections of stamps and coins, Max starts a collection of his own, made up of words. Based on the book by Kate Banks. For ages 4-9.
  • Now and Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin: A profile of Benjamin Franklin, American thinker, inventor and patriot, and his inventions– which include bifocals and Daylight Saving Time. Based on the book by Gene Barretta. For ages 8-12.
  • Rosa: The brave actions of Rosa Parks are brought to life in this video version of Nikki Giovanni’s highly-honored picture book. For ages 5-10.
  • Seven Blind Mice: It takes seven blind mice seven days to figure out what the curious “something” is that inhabits their world. Each mouse has a single perspective, and only when the seventh mouse puts together all of their ideas is the mystery revealed. Based on the book by Ed Young. For ages 4-8.
  • A Very Brave Witch: A brave little witch dares to participate in the human holiday of Halloween despite reading off-putting information about scary humans. Playful animation adds a humorously creepy tone to this adaptation of the book written by Alison McGhee. For ages 3-8.
  • Wallace’s Lists: Devoted to making lists about everything in his life, Wallace the mouse discovers the joys of spontaneity and adventure when he becomes friends with his neighbor Albert. Based on the book by Barbara Bottner and Gerald Kruglik. For ages 4-8.
  • Water Detectives: School children in Matamoros, Mexico changed how the people in their town used water, and lowered their water consumption to nearly 20% in just one year. Students concerned about the environment will be inspired by the children’s proactive exploration of their local river. For ages 8-14.

You can view the entire list of 2008 notable videos here.

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