Latest Graphic Novels in Youth Services

Grumpy Old Monsters [click here to place a hold on this]
Welcome to Rest in Peace, a retirement care facility for mature monsters with special needs.

Yam: Bite-Size Chunks [place hold]
Mini comics (which originally appeared in Nickelodeon magazine) about Yam, a orange-jumpsuited boy with a magical backpack.

Bionicle #1: Rise of the Toa Nuva [place hold]
The island of Mata Nui was once a paradise– until the entity known as Makuta arrived, transforming it into a land of darkness and evil.

Hyperactive [place hold]
One day, Joey’s metabolism goes berserk, and suddenly he’s the fastest person in the world! Soon, everyone wants what he has, especially Seymour Haliburton Itchez, president and CEO of Burnz and Itchez pharmeceuticals. . .

Miki Falls 1: Spring [place hold] *****Staff Pick*****
High school senior Miki is falling for Hiro, the new kid, but he has a weird (and dangerous secret) that keeps him from getting close to her. Fast paced and interesting, but drawn in a soft-edged manga style, you won’t be able to wait to read book 2!

Look for these and other great new graphic novels in the new book bin in Youth Services.

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