DVD Diva: Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken: image copyright 2005 WireImage.comChristopher Walken, a prolific actor who has spent more than 50 years on stage and screen, has appeared in over 100 movie and television roles. Many of his films are available at Perrot. Here is a small sampling:

Tracks a group of steelworker pals from a Pennsylvania blast furnace, to the coal hunting grounds of the Alleghenies, to the lethal cauldron of Vietnam. It is a drama of friendship and courage, and of what happens to these qualities under stress. Also starring Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep.

The story of two unlikely lovers (Christain Slater and Patricia Arquette) who find themselves in possession of a suitcase full of valuable mob contraband, which they plan to take from Detroit to Los Angeles, sell, and begin a new life. Christopher Walken plays the role of Vincenzo Coccotti, a crazed mob enforcer.

Walken plays an eccentric nuclear physicist whose fears of a nuclear war lead him to build an enormous fallout shelter beneath his suburban home. He and his family (Sissy Spacek and Brendan Fraser as his son) live in the shelter for 35 years before realizing that the nuclear holocaust never happened.

In this American Playhouse film from 1982, adapted from a Kurt Vonnegut short story, Walken stars opposite Susan Sarandon as the shy leading man in a community theater’s productions.

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