Audiobook Recommendation: The Mighty Queens of Freeville

Audiobook Recommendation:
The Mighty Queens of Freeville: a Mother, a Daughter, and the Town That Raised Them
written and read by Amy Dickinson

Amy Dickinson, the author of the syndicated Ask Amy advice column, recounts stories of her hometown, her marriage and divorce, and her daughter Emily, who she raised as a single parent. Dickinson weaves yarns about everything from bear hunting to diner breakfasts, great-aunts to cats and cows. Touching and funny, I found myself having “driveway moments” as I continued to listen to the story in my car even after arriving at home. Don’t miss it!

[For a sweet coda to the story, make sure you do a search for “Amy Dickinson” at the New York Times when you’re finished. There’s also a video of Dickinson’s small hometown of Freeville, New York at the book’s website,]


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