Relive the Olympics

The Olympics are over, but perhaps you missed some of the highlights or would like to see them again. Perrot now has three new non-fiction DVD’s (796.48 BEIJI) that will recapture the excitement of these events: Beijing 2008 Complete Opening Ceremony: A two-volume DVD which will allow you to relive the complete Opening Ceremony or … Read more

Paul Newman, 1925-2008

As many of you are aware, Connecticut’s own Paul Newman passed away over the weekend. He will be greatly missed by all. His movies were enjoyable to watch but what defined him more was his charitable work– Newman founded Newman’s Own, a successful food company he built from the ground up, which gives 100% of … Read more

DVD Diva: Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken, a prolific actor who has spent more than 50 years on stage and screen, has appeared in over 100 movie and television roles. Many of his films are available at Perrot. Here is a small sampling: The Deer Hunter Tracks a group of steelworker pals from a Pennsylvania blast furnace, to the coal … Read more

DVD Diva: British Television Series

Very popular at the library right now are British television productions. Here is a sampling you can choose from: The First Churchills Tells the story of the 50-year marriage of John and Sarah Churchill, the first Churchills to make their mark on British history. Monarch of the GlenBased on the Highland novels of Compton MacKenzie, … Read more

Morning Glory

A movie recommendation from Thalia: Morning Glory (part of DVD set Katharine Hepburn: 100th Anniversary Collection) It’s “quintessential Kate,” and a showcase of her breadth and depth. I really enjoyed this film; it’s a refreshing stroll down memory lane– and a special treat for aspiring actors (you’ll see why)!

Charlton Heston, 1923-2008

Charlton Heston, who won an Oscar for his role in Ben Hur, died over the weekend. Internet Movie Database has this to say: “With features chiseled in stone, who else but Charlton Heston could you picture as Michelangelo, as Ben-Hur, as Moses? Heston’s movie career took off with The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) and … Read more

DVD Diva: Political Movies

With all the political fervor and verbal sparring taking place in anticipation of the upcoming Presidential election, here are some well-known political movies that you may find of interest– some serious, some humorous, and some a bit frightening. [Click on each title to view that item in the catalog and to place a hold.] Mr. … Read more

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